Microsoft SQL Firewall & IP Settings

This post is a guide to Microsoft SQL Server Firewall & IP Settings.



135 – SQL Transact Debugger/RPC

1433 – SQL Server Default Instance

1434 – SQL Server Admin Connection

2382 – SQL Server Browser

2383 – SQL Analysis Services

4022 – SQL Server Broker


1434 – SQL Server Browser Service

Make sure to setup the main IP Address to be used with the SQL Instance

on a Multi-Homed Dell Server

SQL Server Configuration Manager

SQL Server Network Configuration

Protocols for SQL Express

TCP/IP – Rt Click – Properties – Listen All to Yes

Select IP Addresses Tab

Select IP Address you want to use & Disable the rest

IPAll TCP Dynamic Port set to 49176/1433.

If IPAll used it takes precedence over all other.  Leave IPAll entries blank to allow use of individual IP (No Zero).

In IPAll put 49172/1433 in TCP Port if necessary

If IPALL above no work with 49176 & 49172, try 1312 & 1433

Restart SQL Services

Windoze Docs on SQL & Firewall